The company performs valuations of all types of real estate for various purposes. We help in determining the legal status of real estate, as well as in completing documentation related to real estate necessary in the process of applying for a mortgage.

Property types

– undeveloped land,
– built-up land,
– apartments,
– limited property rights

The purpose of valuation

–  loan collateral,
– fixing the sale and purchase price,
– construction, renovation, modernization,
– to abolish joint ownership,
and more.

Entities for which we provide services

– natural persons,
– legal persons,
– banks,
– local government units,
– universities.

Costs of valuation

The costs are always set individually depending on multiple factors such as: the type of property, the purpose of the valuation, the location of the property, as well as the expenses necessary to perform the valuation (completing the documentation, additional required fees etc.).